When all my dreams come true will I be happy forever?

Episode Summary

Hi guys, here's our daily ramble about happiness and the nature of the mind. Enjoy the bird and airplane sounds (and more) as we record this from our garden in its sunny springtime beauty. Some of today's topics include: 1. how the mind can still make us unhappy even when we have everything we ever wanted 2. how to exit these crazy thought patterns and feel present again in the moment... 3. More reminders of how mindfulness can be a very useful tool for enjoying the present moment Interwoven with our own home-baked jokes and metaphors, of course. Enjoy!

Episode Notes

My own reflection several hours after recording is this: every frustration and pain is ALWAYS followed after by relief, beauty, creativity and flow. Which brings me back to a quote from a favourite book called "Zen and the Art of Happiness" by Chris Prentiss where the author dares to suggest the following: 

  1. We are part of the Universe (it's true!)
  2. the Universe is always conspiring for its evolution and highest benefit
  3. ...therefore everything that happens to us is actually for our highest benefit (even if we don't see it yet)
  4. in which case (especially when we can't see the benefit yet) we can ALWAYS ask ourselves the following: "Hmmm... I wonder how this (event, person, situation, etc.) is going to eventually work out for my highest benefit."

Can you imagine that? Can you imagine approaching every life situation from the perspective of gentle curiosity and wondering how and in what beautiful fashion this new occurrence will bring you happiness and joy (eventually).

Think about it!


Photo by Balazs Busznyak on Unsplash